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Artificial intelligence as the engine of the new economy 

 Artificial Intelligence is already part of the technologies that are changing the digital economy. Its impact on global productivity growth is estimated at 40% by 2035 according to Accenture studies. This revolution would allow employees to focus on higher value and more fulfilling tasks. Artificial intelligence also has the advantage of solving complex or time-consuming tasks for humans. This technological revolution will lead to a new economy where new jobs will appear to meet new needs. 

Currently, the most sought-after skills related to Artificial Intelligence are those related to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or data analysis. 

The Acquired competences are validated at regular interval by a jury 

 A jury composed of a president and 3 persons (two of whom are external to the certification authority), it decides on the validation of the different modules of the RNCP title.

The AI-DT School gives you the opportunity to master Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation Processes

The Master of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation has courses focused on data analysis and machine learning as well as digital transformation program management. This double skill is nowadays valued by the emergence of artificial intelligence and the digital transition of the economy. 

This training will enable you to acquire a wider managerial field of vision, diverse skills and a mindset adapted to the needs of the market. 

The AI-DT school for competence acquisition and professionnalization

Our school provides professional training due to the network of international companies with which we are in partnership. Each year, nearly 1000 students are trained on our campuses. As of March 2020, 3834 alumni are on the job.

The AI-DT school: a pedagogy based on excellence

 Our various teachers from the most prestigious educational institutions are there to provide you with training based on useful knowledge and professionalizing practice. Our pedagogy aims to give you all the tools you need to make the difference when you hire your dual skills in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation.