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The AI-TD school is at the crossroads of business and AI. It provides an RNCP designation that corresponds to a unique certification BAC-5 degree.

On the one hand, it develops technical components (web manufacturing, database manipulation, Big Data, node.js and REACT programming, algorithmics, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision); on the other hand it opens up to the world of digital business development (growth of the audience of websites thanks to SEO and SEA, use of emails as part of the RGPD, growth hacking..). 

She also trains you in project management. You will learn how to design a specification that takes into account the customer's requests, and guide the project's implementation until it is put online. You will thus become a business and technical expert in the digital world. You also master the technical components of your profession and you will not be dependent on a technology expert to advance your projects.

In terms of AI (data science) sciences, after a strengthening course in mathematics, you will work in Python on different environments like Tensorflow, Kera or Pytorch. You will be experts in supervised, unsupervised or strengthening machine learning methods. You address the ethical issues around AI that are fundamental. We use Big Data with AWS (you will pass the AWS- Amazon Web Services diploma) and Hadoop not to mention Spark.

From a management point of view, we'll teach you how to manage joint teams of digital marketers and developers. We will train you in project management (roadmap, MVP, User Stories, UX (design), agile methods, Scrum method, Sprint management). You will work on leadership techniques. You will work on AI applications in banking and insurance, commerce, automotive, health, defense and education.