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Innovative Product – Project Management

  • Analyze the ethical concerns about AI, guideline recommendations for an ethical AI and AI impacts on society
  • Discover how to identify innovative business ideas and how to pitch it
  • Learn the tasks, tools and best practices of Product Management and Project Management: Diverge / Converge, Roadmap, MVP, User stories, Monitoring of Cost / Quality / Delay, Agile Methodologies, Kanban, Scrum, Design Sprint
  • Learn how to manage change through communication, empathy – listening, training – support
  • Scope your own AI project

Maths – Data Science Foundations

  • Reinforce your Maths foundations: Linear Algebra – Dies, Probabilities, Statistical tests
  • Train your Data management skills: R, SAS, Data Analysis, Regression methods, Feature engineering
  • Prepare the SAS Base Programmer Certification

IT tools Foundations

  • Understand programming best practices, algorithms – complexity
  • Master the main IT tools used in Data Science – Artificial Intelligence
  • Leverage AI – ML APIs, frameworks – libraries: GAFAMI ML APIs, Tensorflow, Pytorch, SciKitLearn, Keras, PySpark
  • Know how to use technical IT tools such as AWS, Hadoop, Git/Github, SQL, …
  • Prepare the Associate Solution Architect AWS Certification

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Master the main Supervised Learning methods, such as linear – logistic regressions, SVM, kNN, decision trees, …
  • Master the main Unsupervised Learning methods for Clustering
  • Use the main Reinforcement Learning techniques
  • Master the Neural Networks (NN), Convolutional NN (CNN), Recurrent NN (RNN), Long Short Term Memory (LSTM), Time-series analysis, Auto-encoders
  • Discover how to transfer your model to other data domain with Transfer Learning
  • Leverage these ML, DL – NN methods in mini-projects involving real business cases, such as customer segmentation, clustering, fraud detection and reinforcement learning for video games

Image – Natural Language Processing AI

  • Discover the main Image Processing AI techniques for Image classification, Image recognition and Computer Vision (with OpenCV)
  • Master Natural Language Processing for Names classification (using RNN – Pytorch), Speech recognition and representation (with LibROSA library)
  • Understand how to embed AI in automous systems with Edge Computing and Federated Learning
  • Build a chatbot for medical diagnosis
  • Leverage Computer Vision for autonomous cars
  • Build your own AI solution!

AI applications in Business

  • Discover AI applications in the Banking – Insurance Industries
  • Discover how Industry 4.0 – IoT are using AI
  • Discover what is Robotic Process Automation and its benefits
  • Discover AI applications for retail, e-commerce, marketing and advertising
  • Discover AI applications in the Automotive Industry
  • Discover AI applications in the Healthcare sector
  • Discover AI applications in the Defense – Security Industry
  • Discover AI applications for Education