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Discover the AI-DT School  MasterBootcamp

Bootcamps are known to allow the learning of a large amount of knowledge in a limited amount of time.

As an example, The AI Institute makes bootcamps of 3 months or 480 hours or 8 hours per day every day of the week for 60 days. This bootcamp allows American, European and African students to learn how to become Data Scientist.

In general, a bootcamp does not last more than 3 months. In the masterbootcamp, we compress the courses to hold the program in 12+4 months, i.e. 16 months instead of 24 months. The program is compressed into 6 months with 7 hours of telepresential work per day, followed by a 6 month internship and then 4 months of bootcamp courses.

None of our candidates regret these intensive courses that make them take giant leaps in whole areas of human knowledge.

Candidates can join the school of IAI-DT School in M1, they must hold an L3 preferably scientific, computer science or economics or an equivalent degree (Bachelor…). L3s from non-scientific disciplines are accepted after a different test. 

Candidates wishing to enter M2 must hold an M1 in science, computer science, technology, or economics.

International applications are encouraged.