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Discover the AI-DT School’s master degree program 

We train digital experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence through our Master’s degree course “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation”.

The objective of our program is to train experts who fully master all digital and AI techniques. At the end of the diploma course you will be able to create websites and applications on your own, to know how to generate traffic on a site using Google Ads or Facebook advertising, to use growth hacking. You will also be able to analyze the audience of your website with Google Analytics and introduce Artificial Intelligence to make the difference.

Mastering the python will open the doors to artificial intelligence and the Data Scientist’s job. Today, there is not a single economic sector that is not transformed by AI. Medicine, the automotive sector, education are more and more in need of AI. You will learn the basics of the algorithmic to create your products using neural networks. You’ll become an expert in Big Data.

You will study javascript, node.js, react and become a full-stack developper. You will no longer be dependent on a developer to succeed in your Business Development and Growth Hacking missions. You will also learn how to lead a team of developers thanks to our management courses.

At the end of the training, you will be able to work as a Project Manager in a start-up or a large company. You can also become a Data Scientist. If you prefer computer science and programming, you can become a full-stack developer and even lead developer to lead a team of developers.

Our certified Master’s cycle will also open the doors to the digital professions. In a constantly changing world, companies must constantly reinvent themselves. The project manager is in charge of creating new revenue lines using all the resources of the digital world (website creation, traffic generation and growth, online payment…).

The whole of our Master cycle can be done in alternation and allows the full financing of the training.