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Samy Lahbabi is a polytechnicien with a passion for AI and digital technology. He has designed several training courses around AI. He teaches artificial intelligence, project management and leadership management. He is particularly specialized in the latest developments in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and  ANLP (Automated Natural Language Processing)


A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and holder of a PhD in Machine Learning, Dmitry BABICHEV, 28, is a specialist in the heart of AI: machine learning. He is an expert in training machines to become as intelligent as people. Dmitry loves to teach and transmit his knowledge. He designs with Samy and Fanbo (see below) the courses and is also constantly monitoring the progress of AI.

Based in the United States, Fanbo Meng holds a doctorate in nuclear physics. He worked at CERN for 3 years. He is an expert in big data because he manipulated huge databases in his searches. He has converted to data science. He trains the future IAD-TD Data Scientist in telepresential mode for students based in Paris as well as for students based in Boston.

External teachers

The scientific committee's function is to review our programs and give us their advice to have our courses evaluated in order to

Mathieu Raffinot

CNRS researcher, 46 years old. Mthieu Raffinot is a naturalist and a doctor of computer science.

He teaches the algorithm within the AI-DT School

Thomas Deneux

Thomas Deneux is a natural researcher at the CNRS and an expert in reinforcement learning. He developed a robot to make children understand AI.

Thomas teaches machine learning at IA-DT School. 

Hugues Berry

INRIA Tenure Professor

Deputy Scientific Director for Digital Health, Biology and Earth.

He teaches health and AI at AI-DT School. 

Jean-Francois Goudou

Polytechnician and VP Reseach at Meero, who lead a team of AI engineers and researchers, is working to transform the best AI technologies into powerful automatic image editing products.

Jean-François teaches about the different types of neural networks within the IA-DT School 

Hakim Yahi

Full-stack professor at 3W Academy.

Hugo Giovannetti

Lead professor developer at 3W Academy

Gwendoline De Bie

Student-researcher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. It teaches statistics and probabilities within the AI-DT School