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Discover the AI-DT School’s Master’s program in telepresential

Telepresence distance learning has been around for a long time but the Covid-19 crisis demonstrated that millions of students could learn through video conferencing software such as Zoom, webex or Gotomeeting.

This method has also demonstrated its limitations. Most of them were due to the fact that the teacher was trying to reproduce a classroom pedagogy that is not adapted to telepresencial teaching. 

The AI Institute has been working for more than two years mainly in telepresencial to develop a pedagogy appropriate to video conferencing.

This pedagogical know-how cannot be summarized in a few lines:

  • Students start classes at fixed times and finish them at fixed times. All students, regardless of where they live, have to be connected. Those who are missing are considered absent. When the student is absent more than 10% of the time, a progressive mechanism of sanctions is triggered.
  • Students do not hide behind an avatar photo. The rule is that all students must have their cameras on so that teachers can see them.
  • Telepresentiel is not conducive to lectures that have difficulty retaining children’s attention span. Our rule is to have no more than 25% of the time in lectures, 75% of the time is devoted to exercises.
  • We have 4 levels of exercises so that each student can go at their own pace. The teacher supervises all the students. He can create a virtual classroom to isolate himself with a student or a group of students.

  • To give a more detailed knowledge of the business world, we involve AI entrepreneurs, people who work in the GAFA, digital lawyers, expert researchers from around the world intervene at different times of the day at least twice a week. This arrangement is extremely easy to organize because the speakers are working from their own homes. Office in video conferencing mode. It disturbs little data 45 minutes of their time from their workplace. This system gives us access to well-known personalities in their respective sectors.