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How to sign up for AI-DT School

Applicants can enter the IA-DT school in M1, they must have an L3 of scientific preference, computer science or economics or an equivalent diploma (Bachelor …). L3s from non-scientific disciplines are accepted after a different test. 

Applicants who wish to enter M2 must have a scientific, computer, technological, or economic M1.

Applications from abroad are encouraged.

Applications are open until September 30th, 2020. 

The admission session can be done on our premises or online. In any case, you must have completed your application file beforehand.

Due to the covid-19 epidemic and the school’s tele-presentive know-how, the admission day/session can take place online.

Step 1: Sign up for an admissions session

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STEP 2: Before the day of admission, I complete my application file

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STEP 3: Introducing the school

Step 4: A 20 to 45 minute motivational oral interview based on the answers in your application file.

STEP 5: a 30-minute interactive test.

STEP 6: Results will be communicated to you over 72 hours.