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The pedagogy of learning by doing

We prefer case studies. We are against lectures. We spend 100% of the time on practice. We have 4 levels of exercises: from the application exercices to highly complex exercices. Students have 5 projects a year to do, one of which is their own.

A very high level of expertise

AI is an ever-changing world. Innovations come one after another at a frantic pace. Our teaching team is committed to constantly monitoring the latest developments in AI. It relies on the orientations given by its scientific committee. Each week, it involves one of its 40 experts working in companies.


The mix of the presental and the telepresential

Our courses are held in person on our two campuses in Paris and Boston (in some cases in Marrakech or Tunis), but also in telepresence, i.e. at a distance. It is possible to do good quality courses at a distance by staying at home with a teacher who answers questions. The AI Institute has been teaching telepresential courses since its creation for American, European and African students. The Covid-19 crisis demonstrated that distance learning is possible. It’s even better when the trainer has been practicing telepresencial for two years because to be effective in telepresencial you need a completely different pedagogy.


Innovation and entrepreneurship

With our individual projects, we encourage students to dare to innovate, to think outside the box and why not become entrepreneurs. The teaching team is made up of entrepreneurs who have successfully created several businesses. They wish to pass on their passion for entrepreneurship.




Welcoming everyone with respect and listening to differences. Learning from the richness of each person. Helping the other person to strengthen his or her weak points. To have a team spirit


100% English

All courses are in English. Whether you like it or not, English is the language of international business.


The IA-DT School in Numbers (Groups 3W Academy – The AI Institute)

5 permanent professors, 40 experienced lecturers, 300 corporate partners, 4 campuses (1 in Boston, Paris, Marrakech&Casablanca, Tunis), a network of alumni of 3800 students.