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Data Scientist:

Data Scientist's business is highly sought after.  20% of the best students in the class in mathematics, algorithmics, computer science and machine learning will be eligible. They will have salaries ranging from 40 to 55 Keuros to start.

They will be in charge of AI systems that allow companies to increase productivity. Their work will also automate complex tasks

Business developer:

The business developer is the person to whom we will give new product lines to be developed essentially using all the digital and non-digital tools at his disposal. It will have the responsibility to increase the turnover of its product line as quickly as possible.

Financial analyst specializing in AI:

Banks and insurance companies are also using AI to detect bank fraud, but that's not all. It also uses AI in financial markets. Developing a good AI-based model can generate millions of gains.

Bio-tech and AI specialist:

For students with a bachelor's degree in biology or chemistry or pharmacist and doctor, the AI skill offers you access to bio-tech start-ups that value this dual skill at very lucrative salaries.

Big Data Engineer: 

To make artificial intelligence, you have to collect thousands of information to train the machine. To beat world champion Kasparov in 1997, IBM's Deep Blue machine had to train by doing several thousand games. Similarly for Deepmind (owned by Google) to beat the World Go Game Champion in 2016, it was necessary to train the computer with tens of thousands of games. With the development of digital technology, companies have millions of data that they don't know what to do. Data scientists manage companies' AI projects, but rely on developers who specialize in big data. The Data Engineer's mission is to store, order, manipulate and store company data

Full-Stack AI Developer: 

Full-Stack developers are the Swiss knives of development. They know how to make sites and computer applications on the front-office side as well as on the back-office side. Their specialty in AI allows them to understand the complexity of AI development projects.

Lead Developer:

The lead developer will oversee a small group of developers. He will work with the marketing to develop the functional specifications of the project to develop. He will then work with the architects to make the technical specifications that will allow the project to be encrypted in terms of COMPUTER resources and User Experience.

The Data Analyst:

The Data Analyst is an expert in statistics and probabilities. He knows how to manipulate numbers in every way. Linear and logarithmic regressions have no secrets for him. He uses the open source R language to perform his calculations. It also uses commercial software such as SAS which is the leader in statistical software. In the Master's degree, students pass the SAS certificate, which is one of the most difficult certificates to have in the profession and which attests to a very good command of statistics in business. 

Digital Marketing Manager:

Its role is to manage the lifecycle of the company's digital products. He can often work on redesigning websites. He will work with the lead developers to realize the product vision of the marketing department.

AI Entrepreneur:

Mastering classical development and machine learning, you have the means to develop your own ai business.

SEO/SEA Manager:

THE SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the science of site referencing especially on search engines. If your site is not listed on Google, you will have little traffic on your site.

THE SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is the specific know-how of keyword purchase. If you buy the right keywords at the right price then your site's audience will increase and the buying intentions of the product in question too.

CRM Manager:

The Customer Relationship Manager is a "breeder" alor that the sales manager is a "hunter". The CRM manager will take care of clients in the portfolio and encourage them to "upsaler" their annual expenses.

AI project manager:

The project manager is a complex project management expert. It provides real-time project monitoring and ensures that the project is completed on schedule, with the expected costs and desired quality. His AI training allows him to apply his know-how to AI projects

AI recruitment manager:

It is difficult to properly recruit an AI expert. It is indeed a science that also affects mathematics, as algorithmics or computer science. The understanding of hard-skills and soft-skills opens the doors of hr jobs that will recruit every ten years 75% of their candidate in occupations that do not yet exist.

AI Consultant:

Large consulting firms increasingly need AI consultants to manage their large account client's request.

Chabot Project Manager (NLP):

The NLP (Natural Language Processing) or, in French, the treatment of natural language is a sub-discipline of AI. It concerns the understanding of language by AI and the formulation of response. These techniques are the basis of all chatbots.