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Step 1: Send us your application file

Step 2: Test your abilities with our pre-admission competition

Step 3: Your admission results will be sent to you within 72 hours.

Candidates can join the school of AI-DT School in M1, they must hold an L3 preferably scientific, computer science or economics or an equivalent degree (Bachelor…). L3s from non-scientific disciplines are accepted after a different test. 

Candidates wishing to enter M2 must hold an M1 in science, computer science, technology, or economics.

International applications are encouraged.

Applications are open until September 30th 2020. The candidate sends us via internet an application for an admission session with a date and time.

The admission day is normally held in our offices (due to the covid-19 crisis, it can be done online).

In all cases you must have completed your application form beforehand.